Everyone in your life is FOR you

While I was going through my separation, I was lucky enough to work with an intuitive from Hawaii, named Michelle. I think of her as my Yoda, with all her guidance and knowledge, popping up in my life when I was about ready to crumble.

Into Human Design

Have you heard about Human Design?

I can’t have enough of it since I learned about its existence. I realize this is hardly news anymore but I’m just learning about it and I’m fascinated, as I’m sure you will be too once you learn about it.

Why the Hanged Man is the tarot card of 2019

I recently took an Intro to Tarot reading class, with my friend Carrie. She’s an incredibly intuitive, magical being who I hope to introduce to you soon! We have a fun workshop collab brewing, I’ll share the details as soon as they come together.

Back to the tarot class, (again, this was an intro class so by no means am I claiming I know what I’m doing): here’s my biggest takeaway

What does abundance mean to you?

What does abundance mean to you?

When I asked myself this, I realized I feel abundant when I have flowers in my house, when I give the ones around me little, meaningful presents, when I take a relaxing bath, have mid week brunch with a friend, take naps… I looked at my list and not one line item included an amount of money. Crazy!

Reading list

Books come up in conversation more often than I can think of, and I always love to recommend books - or learn about new ones - and so often someone will say What was that book you mentioned when we talked about so and so?

I don’t always remember so I thought, why not keep a running list somewhere easy to access.